Wait, ‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’ Is Giving PS4 An Exclusive Mode For An Entire Year?

Modern Warfare

Just when it seemed like the platform-exclusivity wars were starting to die down a bit, as of yesterday we now have one of the most absurd displays of this practice I’ve ever seen with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare was a part of Sony’s State of Play stream yesterday and the main focus was the story trailer, but buried inside it was a nugget for PlayStation owners specifically, though blink and you’ll miss the times it was mentioned.

That would be “Survival Mode,” which is a mode contained within another mode, the return of Spec Ops missions. Fans have been happy to see those smaller scale, co-op focused missions return, and Survival Mode looks to be a horde mode-adjacent spin on that concept. As the trailer says it’s “first” on PlayStation.

But “first” actually means first for an entire year. The tiny print at the bottom reveals that this mode is exclusive to PlayStation until October 1, 2020. We have seen past instances where DLC or something is given out to a platform a week or a month early, or something like that, which has been annoying enough. But giving a platform an entire mode all to itself for an entire year is something we have not seen before. I’m trying to think of how this would apply to another game. It seems like if Destiny 2: Forsaken had arrived and only PS4 players could play Gambit for that year or something. Maybe not that extreme, as we don’t know the full depth of this mode yet, but still pretty bad.

We have seen less of these platform-specific deals over time. Xbox in particular has distanced itself from the practice and trash-talked Sony’s decision to keep paying for the privilege (though Microsoft used to do this frequently as well). Destiny has abandoned the entire concept of Sony exclusives altogether, presumably turning down a big check to do so in order not to withhold things from its playerbase, and then we get something like this happening.

We won’t really know how big a deal this actually is until Modern Warfare launches and we see if this mode is any good. It certainly sounds like a cool spin on Spec Ops mode, and if so, it would be a shame that PC and Xbox players can’t access it until pretty much when Black Ops 5 is going to come out a year from now when naturally, it won’t be remotely relevant anymore. I haven’t seen this getting a lot of attention yet, given how briefly this was mentioned and how small that fine print is, but COD fans are not likely to be amused.

Update:  Infinity Ward’s narrative director Taylor Kurosaki has responded to concerns about this mode on Twitter, effectively saying the decision was not up to them (of course):

Though he doesn’t want fans taking things too far either…

I don’t quite understand what he’s saying with the second part of that. The alternative to one mode being exclusive is…the whole game being delayed for everyone? I don’t get it.