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How a board game meetup has introduced networking in Kigali

As people move in and out of Kigali and social groups change, they are inclined to meet some friendly new faces and what better way than  over some fun activities. For this reason, Kigali Board game Meetup has, for more than three years, been bringing together locals and expats with shared interests for fun activities.

Amazon Has Acquired Networking Firm Eero To Boost Smart Devices

Amazon has announced that it’s buying mesh networking fim Eero. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in San Francisco. According to Crunchbase it employs between 51 and 100 people. In January 2018, the company laid off 30 employees, around 20% of the company. It has raised around $90 million in four funding rounds so far.

Yoga has no religious connotations: Venkaiah Naidu

BENGALURU: Physical fitness is essential for mental alertness, said Venkaiah Naidu, Vice- President of India, at the inauguration of a private university here on Sunday. He was talking about the country lagging in sports and one of the main factors for it being the little importance education institutions and parents give to sports classes in schools. “When