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In one fell swoop, Intel has finally filled a giant hole in its switching product line by acquiring upstart Barefoot Networks, the creator of the P4 programming language for networking devices and the “Tofino” family of Ethernet switch ASICs that make use of it. Now, perhaps, Broadcom will finally and forcefully get the kind of

Networking Is Not About You: Lessons From Experience

Karen Wickre, a former colleague and communications professional who is known for shaping the voice of Google, recently released her book, Taking the Work out of Networking. In it, she lays out strategies to help introverts network in ways that feel natural to them. While I’m by no means an introvert, this did get me thinking

How serious are Indians about eating healthy?

The food services industry, at least in the cities, is moving towards wellness – a mega trend that nudges consumers who are willing to pay the price towards healthier food options – whether it is in the restaurant, in packaged food, or while you order delivery of vegetables, milk, and meat to home. Indeed, there

ICICI Bank share hits all-time high amid optimism about Q3 performance

Shares of ICICI Bank rose nearly 4 per cent, hitting 52-week high, on the Bombay Stock Exchange amid spurt in volume trade on hopes of strong performance in October-December quarter. According to data available with exchange, as much as 10.33 lakh shares have changed hand over the counter as compared to two-week average of 4.87