Pune celebrates Osho’s death anniversary

Pune,Osho,Swami Anadi

Osho friends foundation came together to celebrate Mahaparinirvana day or Osho’s death anniversary at the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Memorial, Koregaon Park. The event began at 3pm and went on to 6 pm where 400 Osho followers from India and abroad came together to chant, dance and meditate in order to remember their guru.

The event was organised by Swami Anadi, Swami Premgeet and Ma Shradha from Osho friends and foundation. The participants were seen dancing to recorded kirtans (Sanskrit word meaning narrating or reciting) and songs interlaced with Osho’s teachings. Amidst shouts of Osho! Osho!, the participants meditated and celebrated his death.

A lot of foreigners were seen participating in the celebrations. “We were not aware that there was such a celebration outside of the commune and it was interesting for us to attend,” said Japanese national Hiroko Shinohara, “This is the first time I am attending such a celebration and although I did not understand the songs (sung in Hindi), I couldn’t stop dancing and remembering Osho.”

A Canadian national who is a visitor at the Osho resort, on the condition of anonymity said, “ I was curious about the event and had to see it for myself. Strangely, Osho’s death is not celebrated within the resort and therefore I came to attend the event.”

Chiyono Sigl a Yoga teacher from Austria, who took part in the celebrations for the first time said, “The first time I heard of Osho was through songs sung by Sanyasis settled in Goa. It was very interesting to attend an event where people were dancing to these songs. There was a lot of positivity in the auditorium and it felt good to be there.”

“Initially the celebrations used to take place in Osho Ashram/ Resort but the management team inclusive of few foreigners who have taken control of Osho Commune stopped all celebrations proposed by Osho during his lifetime. These celebrations were Osho’s birthday, elightenment day, Mahaparinirvana day, have been stopped by them” said Swami Anadi.