More networking expected in the next four days: Tukana

The Methodist Church of Fiji is adamant that it will increase its networking opportunities in the next four days of its annual bazaar.

The Church Secretary for Communications and Overseas Missions, Reverend Wilfred Regunamada Tukana says the annual event aims to bring people together.

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“We will continue to grow in networking, here is also where we do our networking, and since everyone is here from the 58 division they will grow in networking. We will continue to grow in how we connect to each other in regards to the big family of the Methodist Church of Fiji.”

Tukana adds that this is one mechanism that will pave the way forward and take the church to greater heights.

Meanwhile, he adds that an estimate of a quarter from the target has been collected in the first three days of the event.

“Hundred and twenty-six thousand plus that we have collected so far”.

The funds will be directed towards the church’s budget known as the Cakacakalevu.

The annual festival of praise continued today and featured 86 women’s fellowship from the 58 divisions throughout Fiji.