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How a board game meetup has introduced networking in Kigali

As people move in and out of Kigali and social groups change, they are inclined to meet some friendly new faces and what better way than  over some fun activities. For this reason, Kigali Board game Meetup has, for more than three years, been bringing together locals and expats with shared interests for fun activities.

Amazon Has Acquired Networking Firm Eero To Boost Smart Devices

Amazon has announced that it’s buying mesh networking fim Eero. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in San Francisco. According to Crunchbase it employs between 51 and 100 people. In January 2018, the company laid off 30 employees, around 20% of the company. It has raised around $90 million in four funding rounds so far.

Google shutting down social networking site Google+ in April

It’s the end of the road for Google+, the social networking site that never really took off. Google announced it is shutting down the service on April 2. Google launched Google+ in 2011 in an attempt to compete with other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, but the service never really caught on. Google

Cisco DNA Center takes intent-based networking to IoT

Companies that use Cisco DNA Center can now tap the intent-based networking software for managing IoT devices connected to the network edge. This week, Cisco made DNA Center a more significant player in the company’s IoT portfolio by adding support for a new line of ruggedized industrial switches, called the Catalyst IE 3×00 Series, and an industrial

Understanding the Key Trend of Intent-Based Networking

The one thing that has been consistent about the networking industry over the past several decades is change.  The latest innovation to come to the network is the concept of an Intent Based Network (IBN). The term has actually been around about a decade but has recently gone mainstream because Cisco Systems has been evangelizing

3rd Annual STEM Networking Fair presented by BLISTS and NSBE

Location: Huntington Hall Room 130 – Jacquet Education Commons BLISTS (Black and Latinx Information Science and Technology Support) is kicking off the Spring semester with a collaboration with NSBE at Syracuse University (National Society of Black Engineers) to host our 3rd Annual STEM Networking Fair on Tuesday, February 5th @ 6:30 – 9:00 PM in Huntington Hall Room

Five Rules For Networking Your Startup In A New City

As an expat Canadian (New York City has been home for over 20 years), a question I am frequently asked by foreign startups seeking funding or new customers is “how do I network in the United States?” Oh, if only it was so easy to give a single piece of networking advice for that 50

The 10 best cities for networking your way to a job in 2019

While a polished resume is certainly important, networking is also critical when it comes to landing a job, especially when you’re just kicking off your career. In fact, a report from LinkedIn found that 70 percent of people were hired at a company where they had a connection. If you’re hoping to land a new gig or get ahead,

Networking Is Not About You: Lessons From Experience

Karen Wickre, a former colleague and communications professional who is known for shaping the voice of Google, recently released her book, Taking the Work out of Networking. In it, she lays out strategies to help introverts network in ways that feel natural to them. While I’m by no means an introvert, this did get me thinking