7 Essential Oculus Quest Accessories Under $20 in 2019

The Oculus Quest is here, and it’s brought an untethered VR system that includes Oculus Insight Tracking for a full room-scale experience and updated Oculus Touch controllers for intuitive input within the virtual world. The Quest isn’t exactly cheap to start out with, so you’re probably looking for some affordable accessories to go along with it. Here are some of the best we could find.

Keep Touch controllers on:Energizer Rechargeable batteries

Editor’s choice

The Quest’s Touch controllers each require a AA battery to operate and, speaking from experience, you’re going to want to invest early in some rechargeable batteries to save money in the long run. This pack includes a wall charger that can handle four AAs at once, so you shouldn’t have any downtime while waiting for a charge.

$14 at Amazon

Quick cleanup:Microfiber cloths

Staff pick

There’s nothing worse than foggy or dirty Quest lenses. They obstruct your ability to focus on the action in the headset properly, and frankly, they’re just gross. These cloths from SecurOMax won’t scratch your headset’s lenses and you’ll be glad you have them on hand after a couple of sessions.

$7 at Amazon

Comfortable face gasket:Oculus Quest VR Cover

The built-in face gasket that rests against your head during Quest use does its job well, but you can add comfort and easier cleanup with a VR Cover cotton replacement. The pack comes with two so you can machine wash one while using the other, and you can be sure you’ll have less sweat hanging around and a more cushioned fit with this installed.

$19 at VR Cover

Add in-ear audio:Panasonic ErgoFit earbuds

The Quest uses built-in positional audio to deliver sound, allowing you to hear the real world around you while also hearing what’s going on in the VR world. If you’d rather cut out all external sound, you can plug in this affordable pair of Panasonic earbuds to the 3.5mm audio jack on the Quest and be totally immersed in what’s going on within the head-mounted display.

$8 at Amazon

Display your Quest:TreeCloud9 MindStand X

If you’d rather not leave your Quest sitting bare on your desk when not in use, this affordable stand from TreeCloud9 gets the job done. It’s made of two pieces that intersect and fold down for easy transportation, and it won’t tip over or slide around thanks to anti-slip feet on the bottom. A five-year warranty takes care of any issues you may encounter.

$16 at Amazon

Ensure compatibility:AmazonBasics USB-C to USB-A 3.1 cable

The Quest has a built-in USB-C port to handle charging from the included AC adapter, but if you’re planning on adding an external battery pack or want to do a bit of experimentation — say with a PC and some third-party software — you’ll no doubt be able to take advantage of this three-foot USB-C to USB-A cable from AmazonBasics.

$10 at Amazon

Clear vision:Jaws Quick Spit anti-fog spray

Dealing with foggy Quest lenses is a serious pain and a problem that affects a large majority of VR users. Heading into the Quest can be a physical endeavor, and having what is essentially a hot mask over your face doesn’t lend itself well to ventilation. To help cut down on the fog that ruins games and causes frustration, try applying some anti-fog spray to your lenses once in a while.

From $7 at Amazon

If we’re making some suggestions

This collection of accessories can complement your Oculus Quest and none cost more than $20, but if we’re picking, we would go with the Energizer rehargeable batteries first. The Quest’s Touch controllers each take a single AA battery, and in our experience, if you don’t recharge, you’re going to be buying a lot of batteries to keep up with your VR playtime. This pack comes with four total AA batteries, allowing you to always keep some charged up and ready for your next playthrough.

We also recommend picking up some SecurOMax microfiber cloths, as there’s nothing worse than grimy lenses when you head into VR. The fact that the headset is strapped to your face doesn’t exactly leave a lot of breathing room, and taking it off and putting it back on will no doubt have the lenses come into contact with something. These cloths won’t scratch, and you get six in a pack for one cheap price.

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