5 Benefits of Using Joker Card in Rummy Online

Are you wondering how to use Jokers in a rummy game to your benefit? Are you not sure about the advantages of using joker card/s in an online game of rummy? A Joker Card is a card that can be used flexibly as a substitute of any other card. This highly versatile card can be used in a myriad ways to your advantage.

Top Advantages of Using Joker Card in Rummy Online:

  • Joker Has no Point: Joker Card/s always help you in finishing off challenging rummy cards games. A Joker Card does not carry any point. Thus, even if you form a sequence with a Joker and one of your opponents suddenly declares the game, you are left with a low score.

  • Joker Helps you Build Sequences and Sets with High-Value Cards: Before you start a game of offline or online rummy, invest some time to focus on the cards you have been dealt. This helps you plan the possibilities of blending them into sequence/s or set/s with the help of jokers.  Try to discard high-value cards that you do not need to build sets or sequences in any way. This keeps you away from additive points if and when an opponent makes a sudden declaration.

Thus, it is advisable to not blend jokers with Indian Rummy sequences randomly as that might cause you to end up with a very high score. The more skillful and smart you are in grouping high-value cards with no-value cards (jokers), easier it is for you to reduce your points.

Examples of smart blends: (a) 9 of Hearts, 10 of Hearts, Joker (Used as Jack of Hearts) – Here, the Joker carries zero point and helps you form a sequence with your high-value cards. (b) Queen of Clubs, Queen of Diamonds, Joker (Used as any of the remaining two Queens) – Here again, the Joker, carrying zero point, helps you build a set with your high-value cards.

Joker Helps you Group and Discard: Expert players of a 13 card rummy game usually discard the cards adjacent to a Joker as the opponents usually do not pick those cards up. After having formed the first mandatory pure sequence, you are free to blend your cards with joker/s to create sets and impure sequences. As it is easier to form sequences and sets with the help of joker/s, joker/s can make you a winner.

Joker/s also help you reduce your total points (even if you have high-value cards) in an Indian Rummy game, when an opponent makes a sudden declaration. A Joker is a life-saving card. So, you should use it only when you absolutely need to!

  • Opponents cannot pick a Joker up: If you have too many Jokers and are unable to form the first compulsory pure sequence, you might need to discard a Joker. However, that would not help your next opponent, as, according to popular rummy rules, a Joker cannot be picked up from the discard pile.

  • You can hold a Joker Card for long:    Carrying a Joker is safe when you play rummy online, in situations other than the one mentioned in the previous point. Having a Joker in your hand of 13 cards does not add to your points, which is why you are usually in no hurry to discard a joker.

When doing a rummy game download, remember the benefits and use your Joker/s wisely.