The 7 Biggest Technology Trends To Disrupt Banking & Financial Services In 2020

Even though banking and financial services have been slower than other industries to adopt the latest technology into their operations, financial organizations are trying to catch up by incorporating artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other technology to benefit their customers, remain competitive and improve business results. Here are the 7 biggest technology trends that will disrupt

Immaculate Diwali Gift: Gorgeous Jewelry

One of the particular highlights about Diwali is its custom of gifting. Similarly as with some other Indian celebration, Diwali has its own interesting arrangement of customs and merriments as well and trading endowments with loved ones structure a significant one. The convention of gifting without a doubt makes Diwali complete as it makes the

Why Planet Fitness Stock Fell 18% in September

What happened Shares of Planet Fitness (NYSE:PLNT) weren’t looking so fit last month. The discount gym’s stock dropped 18%, according to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence. There was no company-specific news out on Planet Fitness. Rather, the stock seemed to drop as investor sentiment turned after the stock peaked over the summer. Meanwhile, investors seemed to be moving